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Bell’s Blend

Bell's Blend

Roast: Medium

Body: Nice

Acidity: Smack down right in the middle

Notes: Chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla, almond butter, apple pie, pear, dried berry.

Farm: Los Santos and Fazenda Passeio


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Roasts & ships Monday thru Thursday

Weight: 12 oz.

Named for our hero, bell hooks, a writer who only writes in lower case letters, this medium roast blend varies seasonally but is a mainstay on our menu. With Los Santos taking the lead, bell’s blend is absolutely remaining consistent in it’s trail mix flavor profile. This coffee is providing a deep brown sugar sweetness, mild apple acidity, and lots of chocolate fl avors. The Fazenda Passeio adds a touch of complexity with hints of dried berries. Overall, it’s tasting super clean and sweet and highly drinkable – we’re tasting chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla, almond butter, apple pie, pear, dried berry. If under extracting, you can expect a very lackluster cup – dominant nutty flavors, lack of sweetness, thin body, grassy. If over-extracting, you’ll find that the chocolate flavors become overly dark/bitter/drying and mute any other subtleties. Bells is tasting great with milk! The flavors work harmoniously to become even denser and sweeter – hazelnut, vanilla, marzipan, marshmallow.