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Cosmopolitan Espresso

Cosmopolitan Espresso

Roast: Medium Dark

Body: Rich and full

Acidity: Balanced

Notes: Milk chocolate, earthy, bittersweet tones


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Roasts & ships Monday through Thursday.

Weight: 2 lbs.

With coffees from around the globe meticulously blended for an espresso where rich, earthy, bittersweet tones balance elegantly in milk, this signature blend has truly cosmopolitan appeal. This is the House Espresso for our Beverly, MA cafe. If you’re making a cappuccino or latte we recommend a somewhat heavy dose, 18 grams for a double shot of about 1.75 oz in about 25 seconds. For straight shots, we think you’ll do better to dose a little lighter, about 15 grams for a double shot nearing 2 full ounces. At either dose we run our machine pretty hot, at 202.5 degrees Fahrenheit.